New Survey Site Opportunity!

Remember this post where I told you about my two favorite survey/research companies? And then I gave you a quick list of a select few other survey companies that I also belong to.

Well... on that list I mentioned Valued Opinions surveys. And I mentioned that it was one of those exclusive survey companies. The only way to join is through a referral. Well.... guess what.... I am a moron. (Or maybe I just can't think straight with 2 kids climbing all over me at all times.)

Anyway, I completely and totally forgot that I am an affiliate for Valued Opinions. Ha, too funny... I dunno how that one got away from me, but anyway. You can easily join Valued Opinions survey panel by clicking through right here.

My experience with them is this:
  • I've only done 4 surveys for them so far, so I'm still fairly new.
  • Two of those surveys were worth $2 each and the other two were worth $3 each
  • I haven't been paid yet... those payments are still pending in my account. (They state that your balance will update within 28 days of taking the survey.)
  • Minimum payout is $20. (Not too bad.)
  • You will be paid in gift vouchers... from retailers like Amazon, Marriott & Macy's

Pretty good deal. Anyone know of any other good paid survey sites? Please share with us!