Easy Clutter Buster

Piles. Piles of papers. Piles of toys. Piles of laundry. Piles of whatever. Piles of junk make me shudder. Seriously, I can't stand clutter. It has to be some kind of phobia.

I can't stand to see all kinds of junk just piled up around my house. Now, my house may not be the cleanest on the block, but I strive for it to be the most clutter-free. Why? So I can breathe easy, relax, enjoy my house, and be able to sleep peacefully at night. It also helps in finding things much easier.

Anyway, the number one way that I bust up the clutter around here is to not let it accumulate. When clutter builds up it is easier to look right past it because you are so used to seeing it around. And when it builds up overwhelmingly, you lose your determination to sort it and clear it out.

So, each and every time I leave a room, I grab one or two things that don't belong in that room. Then I put them away in the rooms that I will be passing through or going to.

For example, if I'm in the living room and I'm heading to my son's room (just down the hall) I will pick up his dirty bib or a stray toy that belongs in his room. And since I'll also be passing through the kitchen, I may also pick up my daughter's sippy cup from the living room and put it in the fridge on my way. Make sense?

It's such a simple thing and it's SO automatic for me, that I hardly ever think of it as an organizational tool. We moms are just built to multitask like that, right? But I figured that maybe what's obvious to me, maybe isn't always obvious to everyone else. So I figured I'd let you in on my little tool, just in case.