WFMW: Coupon Trains

I regularly save between $15-$45 with coupons each time we go grocery shopping (about every 2-3 weeks). I love that we are able to cut our grocery budget so much by looking out for sales, combining those sales with coupons, and stocking up when we got those really great deals.

This wasn't always the case. I used to watch out for coupons in the paper and in magazines, but many times they weren't for products that we buy. But then I joined a coupon train. And I started getting tons of great coupons that we could actually use! It made such a difference in what we were spending.

So... then I joined another and another. Yes, right now I actually belong to four coupon trains. And I love it! So now instead of being stuck with coupons I can't use, I swap them with others that I can use.

Take today for example. In the mail, I just got one of my trains. In it, there was 40 coupons. Out of those, I pulled out 12 that I may use. Out of those 12, there are 7 that I will definitely use because they are for items that we buy regularly. So that's $7 in definite savings (and possibly more) right there. And all it costs me is an envelope and a stamp!

Coupon trains work for me!

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