Stamp Out Hunger

Did you know that 35 million Americans are hungry or living on the brink of hunger? That's 35 million people skipping meals and going hungry. They are all kinds of people. People like you and me. And they are hungry. They are adults and they are children. Some are working and some aren't. Some have a place to call home and others do not. They are all hungry.

Here's your chance to help. Help right now. This Saturday, May 10th, is the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. All you have to do is leave a bag of food by your mailbox and your mail carrier will pick it up for distribution to local food shelters. That easily, you will keep a family from going hungry.

What types of food should be donated? Non-perishables of course. Think of things you would like to receive. Canned soups, boxes of cereal, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, canned meats and fruits, bottles of juice, pasta and rice. They just ask that you don't donate anything in glass containers.

Want more info? Check out HelpStampOutHunger.com

As for me, I'll be grocery shopping tomorrow (in prep for a Mother's Day/My dad's birthday BBQ). So I'll be sure to work my coupons and the sale prices to get a bunch of food to donate at very little cost to me!