Show me the money... (Weekly Re-cap)

How much extra money did you earn this week? How much did you save? Here's my weekly re-cap of money/giftcards earned, cash saved by using coupons, and freebies received in the mail each week.

It's fun to see your savings/earnings amounts all added up. It clearly shows that it's time well spent when you cut coupons, hunt for sales, and make little bits of money here and there. Here's my re-cap for the week 5/11/08-5/17/08.

Cash/Checks/Giftcards Received

$67.99 PepBoys rebate for new tires
$10.00 from a referral for Revolution Money Exchange

Coupon Savings

$18.00 CVS
$4.00 Boston Market
$7.78 One Step Ahead with online coupon code (Use code: 15SAVONE to take 15% off your order of $100 or more)


Hamburger Helper sample
2 samples of Fiber-Sure from VocalPoint
Milk Matters coloring book (Click HERE if you want one!)
Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Training Success DVD & coupons for various products! (Offer still available. Click HERE.)
Photo Explosion Software (Free for upgrading my Fashion Bug charge to Premier status.)
Free tickets & parking pass to Phillies game 5/17.

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