Show me the money... (Weekly Re-cap)

How much extra money did you earn this week? How much did you save? In case you missed it, last week I started doing a re-cap of money/giftcards earned, cash saved by using coupons, and freebies received in the mail each week.

It's fun to see your savings/earnings amounts all added up. It clearly shows that it's time well spent when you cut coupons, hunt for sales, and make little bits of money here and there. Here's my re-cap for last week (5/4/08-5/10/08).

Cash/Checks/Giftcards Received

Found $0.05 at the playground
$2.00 cash back at Acme (There was a mail-in rebate for items I bought and the slip didn't print with my receipt, so they just gave me the cash!)

Coupon Savings

$32.50 Target
$17.00 CVS (includes $10 extra bucks spent)
$10.00 Old Navy (Bucks Back redeemed)
$2.00 Boston Market
$34.00 Fashion Bug (includes $10 FB Rebate)
$19.20 Acme
$18.53 Kohl's (15% off Kohl's charge holder coupon)


Dove deodorant
Another Dove deodorant
Gillette Fusion Razor, Blade & Coupons


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Oh and I just want to clarify that I'm only listing checks, giftcards, etc. that I've actually received that week. (So I'm not counting what I've earned until I actually get the payout.) Same goes for coupons... for instance, I'm not counting CVS extra bucks until I actually redeem them.