Must-Have Baby Stuffs, Part 2

Most parents would quickly be able to tell you the baby stuff they just couldn't live without. There are just some things that make life that much easier. This is Part 2 of my Must-Have Baby Stuffs. If you missed part 1, where were you??? Why weren't you reading??? Ha, I kid, you can find it here.

Another product I absolutely love are the Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser bottles, (found here). With two kiddos, I've tested out sooo many bottles. Really, we've tried other types by Playtex, The First Years Soothie, Dr. Brown's, Gerber NUK, Evenflo and one or two others.

Anyway again and again, I've always come back to the Playtex Nursers. They really are the best. So, if they are so great, why did I keep trying others? Well, you see the Playtex Nursers only came in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. What's the problem with that? Well, to use it as an 8 oz bottle, you have to fill it to the tippy top. And if you wanna mix in powdered formula, they left you with no room to do that. Major issue.

So we tried all those other bottles and found annoyances and problems with each and every one. Just about all of them leaked in one way or another. Some only leaked when you shook them up and others leaked no matter what you did. Those are definite deal breakers in my book. I mean really, I'm busy with a baby here, I don't need to be cleaning up leaky bottles as well.

The only other bottles that didn't leak were the Soothie bottles by The First Years. I guess you could call them the runners up in my bottle contest. They are nice enough, big enough and didn't leak. They also have a nice wide opening, so they are easier to clean.

But... the Soothie bottles are an odd shape. If your baby likes them, then great. My daughter liked them fine, but my son has been more picky and really doesn't like them. And if you are switching between bottle and breast, then I strongly recommend not using these. They make it more difficult since they are shaped so differently.

And if you are breastfeeding, then these bottles are even better. You can buy certain pieces that connect these bottles right to your breastpump so that you can pump right into them. Then you can store the milk in the fridge or freezer right in those drop-ins. Nothing can be easier than that.

Another thing that I like about the Playtex Nursers... The drop-ins make it so convenient, especially on the go, since you just trash the liner and don't have to worry about washing out a bottle. I worry about the impact on the earth that this has, but hey, atleast they are not made with BPA, like so many of the other bottles are.

And remember how I was saying that the only drawback to the Playtex Nursers was that they really weren't big enough to mix an 8 oz bottle? Well the people at Playtex must have been listening to their feedback because they now make them in a 10 oz size, so there's plenty of room to mix! I haven't gotten these yet, but I certainly plan to once my son (almost 4 months now!)needs the 8 ounces.

So there you have it, I love, love, love the Playtex Nursers and I think they are a must-have for baby.

**Just so you know, I'm not getting paid to tell you about these things. My opinions are my own and can never be bought. I'm just happy to share what I love and hopefully my experiences can help one of you.**