Free Invitations & More...

Well it's May, almost June, and it's Graduation time. Just about everyone knows someone who is graduating, has kids that are graduating, or maybe you are even graduating!

And what goes along with graduations? No, I'm not talking about continuing ed, kids going off to college, added responsibilities, etc. I'm talking about graduation parties of course. And you're gonna need invitations if you're hosting a graduation party, or any kind of party. So why not get some for free?

VistaPrint always has some great freebie offers available, but right now one of those freebies is invitations! You can get 10 custom invitations, that you personalize, for free! Oh and you get 10 envelopes for free as well. Seriously, you don't need to buy a thing. Only catch is that you need to pay shipping, but it's still an awesome deal.

Need more than 10 invitations? So did I. And during the ordering process they gave me the option to purchase more. So I bought 10 more for $5. Shipping was about $4. Oh and shipping is fast, always quicker than what they tell you.

Oh and just so you know, they have free invitations of all kinds, not just the graduation ones! And... you can't forget, they have tons of other free sample products as well. Just click this link to see the FREE Deals of the Week.