Works For Me Wednesday: 2 Tips in 1

Do you find yourself going through rolls and rolls of paper towels? Do you ever think about the wastefulness and environmental impact of them? Wanna save some money? Then cut back on your usage.

When our daughter started eating solids, we started using paper towels to clean her hands, face and highchair tray after her meals and snacks. This added up to alot of paper towels and we were constantly buying them.

Then one day it hit me about how wasteful this was. Why was I polluting the earth needlessly? So we made the switch to using baby washcloths to clean her up instead. Now we barely ever buy paper towels. I have 2 big packs of them in my stockpile and it will take a looong time to use them up.

Want an easy, cheap and convenient way to store all those baby washcloths? Use a toddler shoe box.

I use several of these toddler sized shoe boxes in one of our changing table drawers. They are perfect for holding baby's washcloths, socks, hats and bibs. These shoe boxes keep everything contained as well as nice and organized. It works for me! Find other Works For Me Wednesday tips over at Rocks In My Dryer.


Daphne said...

I wanted to add my tip in about paper towel use. There's no way I can use washable napkins because I would be washing them too often, or needing lots of them. To save that time & water, I buy paper towels in the select-a-size rolls. We each use one small paper towel with our meal. I bought an 8 roll pack of them back in November and I still have 3 rolls left!

Heart of Wisdom said...

This is a great tip. We are starting to think of ways to cut back on waste. Thanks for the tip.


jeneflower said...

I love using cloth towels- they are easier to clean tables and counters with due to the thick texture. Also, they are small so they easily fit in with other washloads. However, sometimes a papertowel is just better for the job, so we have a supply of expensive Seventh Generation Recycled papertowels- but they are used sparingly.