WFMW: Make your dishwasher work better

For this week's Works For Me Wednesday tip, I'm gonna pull from my archives. This is one that I learned from the GE repairman when I thought my dishwasher was broken shortly after we bought our house. (Turns out it wasn't broken, just clogged with soap from the previous owners of our house.)

Before running your dishwasher, turn the hot water on in your kitchen sink and let it run till it's as hot as it gets. This gets the hot water ready and available for your dishwasher and allows it to clean your dishes better. I use this opportunity to clean my sink since it's empty and so that I'm not just wasting the running water. Works for me.

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Christine @ Serenity How? said...

We do that, too. You're right that it helps a lot.

Great post! :)

Felton/Casey said...

A couple of times a year, I run my dishwasher empty with a cup of baking soda in it because the gritty baking soda gets a lot of the soap scum build up off and helps it run more efficiently. Same thing with wash machines.

Tafy Sills said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! From reading your blog, I see we share a love for our beautiful earth and a desire to protect it. I read the post about your family not using papertowels anymore. We recently switched from paper napkins to cloth napkins. I would love to hear all the ways you use baskets in your home. Maybe, I can find some new uses. Drop by again soon.

Tafy Sills from Blackberry Lane Farm

Much More Than A Mom said...

Great idea! I have read that before but usually forget to do it, so thanks for the reminder!

Scott said...

Great tip on getting hot water ready for the dishwasher. I just had to replace my motor and computer board on my Maytag Neptune washing machine. Not a maintenance issue, but a Maytag issue. I've enjoyed reading your blog for the first time and will come back again.