WFMW: Free Diapers

As a mother of two little ones, ages two and under, something that has really worked for me is getting free diapers. How, you ask? Well it's as simple as this.

I found out about Diapers.com, where they sell all kinds of diapers, formula and other baby stuffs. I got $5 off my first order (use code: NOWSAVE5). I got my diapers delivered right to my door... for free (orders over $49). And they came the Very. Next. Day. What can beat that?

Oh yea, the free diapers can beat that. So about those free diapers... Once I signed up, I got a referral code. When I refer other people, they use my code, they get $5 off their first purchase, and I get $1. And then I get another $1 for every single order that they place. It can really add up and then I use those dollars to buy diapers for my two little ones. See, free diapers!

It works for me and it can work for you too.


Heart of Wisdom said...

Thats a good one. I don't use diapers any more but will pass it on.


Anonymous said...

wow, I have been thinking about trying this out, if I do, I will use you as a referral.

The Empty Nest said...

Thanks for dropping by my site and commenting on my clipless bag of chips.

I think your blog is wonderful. I love to save money, although I haven't had to change diapers for many many years. But, you have other posts that I can visit. I think I'll do a little rambling right now.

Linds said...

Great diaper tip! I'll have to remember that one...although hopefully we're done with diapers for our older child. :)