Shop Around & Save

I've written before about how important it is to be an educated shopper. Whenever you're going to make any purchase at all, you should always shop around and find out what the going rate for that item is. And this doesn't necessarily mean you have to drive around to 10 different stores. You can also look online, ask friends or family, or look at the store circulars to compare.

Many times this simple shopping strategy has saved me money. And it just happened once again when I was looking to renew a magazine subscription. It was for Parenting Magazine. Now, I originally got a year of this magazine free when I made my first purchase at Diapers.com.

(That free year of Parenting Magazine is still available, in case you're interested. You just need to be a new customer and spend a minimum of $15. You can also use code: NOWSAVE5 and get $5 off your first order through Diapers.com.)

Anyway, my free year is coming to an end, and they sent me an offer to see if I wanted to renew. Well of course I do, because I love their magazine. But, ummm yea, their offer wasn't that great. They offered $9.97 for 1 year (11 issues). I was pretty sure I could find a better deal out there if I just looked around a bit. And sure enough, I did!

MAGAZINES.com has an offer for Parenting Magazine for 2 years (22 issues) for only $9.97! That's the same rate, but for two years, instead of one! But wait, wait, wait right there. It gets even better. I can use coupon code: SPRINGMAGS to take an additional $5 off! (I actually wrote about that here.)

So, there you have it. Two years of Parenting for only $4.97. Just because I took a few minutes to do a quick online price comparison, I was able to save myself $15! Yay!