Must-Have Baby Stuffs, Part 1

These days there are tons and tons of baby products out there. So many, that it is really confusing and overwhelming for new parents... and often times, even for seasoned parents. There really aren't too many things that parents need for a baby, besides the basics. But it's difficult to determine which things you need and which you really don't.

Now that I have two kids (ages 3 months & 2 years), I definitely have some favorite baby and toddler products. I actually can't imagine not having them because they make my life so much easier. So, I'm gonna share them with you and hopefully this will help if you're expecting or if you're shopping for an expectant mom.

First up is the Boppy pillow. I love, love, love this thing. Really, it's great. It's pretty much essential for breastfeeding.... just wrap it around your waist, lay baby on it and they're at the perfect height.

But the Boppy is also great for so many other uses. It makes it nice and easy to hold baby when you're giving a bottle. It's the perfect way to prop up & support your arms while you're holding baby.

You can lay the Boppy on the floor and place baby in the middle for play time. I use it alot with my son (3 months) and I place him on his activity mat, propped up on the Boppy and he can reach for and play with the toys that dangle down. It also works great for tummy time.

Then, the Boppy is even great for when baby is starting to sit unsupported. You just place baby, sitting up, in the middle and if they become wobbly, they have a soft place to fall back on.

You might also want to check out Boppy.com. Right on their homepage you can see pics of all these different uses. Oh and you can check out Target's Baby Category to see all the cute patterned covers for the Boppy. You'll want to have a few extra covers so when one gets dirty, you can put a fresh one right on.

Coming up soon: More Must-Have Baby Stuffs!