Money Making Updates!

Over the past few months I've been testing out a few money making websites. These are sites where you get paid cash just for using their site or for reading their emails. And I've also done a few where you get cash back from shopping. Just wanted to update you on how it's going so far.

You can read my original article by clicking here. But here's a quick recap.

Wellness360 is a website for your health. Tons of health related info and things to do to improve your health. Anyway, it's completely free and you'll never have to complete any offers or anything like that. And the best part is that you get paid for visiting their site. You get points for just about everything you do and those points translate into easy cash.

I've been a member for about 3 weeks... and I've earned 2,175 points which equals a whopping $32.62! It was just a week ago when I only had about $13. I've gotten such an increase due to a few referrals (Thanks!) and a few double and triple point days. So now I've reached the $25 minimum payout and I'll be able to cash out during their next quarterly payout. Yay!

Inbox Dollars
You can read my original articles here and here.

Inbox Dollars pays you to read their emails. You also get paid to take surveys, join survey sites, complete offers and you get cash back for shopping at tons of stores. You also get a free $5 bonus just for registering with them!

I've been a member since February and I've earned $23.63! The breakdown looks like this:

Sign-up Bonus: $5.00
Read emails: $3.74
Play Games: $0.00
Cashback Shopping: $5.26
Complete Offers: $1.00
Complete Surveys: $5.50
Referral Rewards: $3.13

Total earned: $23.63 and I can cash out when I reach $30.

Send Earnings
This one is pretty much exactly the same as Inbox Dollars. I've earned less cash with them though because I haven't been a member as long and I've used their site less. So I've got $10.20 with them so far.

Read my original post about MyPoints here.

MyPoints gives you points to read emails, play games, and complete surveys. They also give you points for shopping through their site. Then you turn around and cash in your points for free gift cards.

I've belonged to MyPoints since February 2003. In that time I have accumulated 61,089 points! I have redeemed them for over $600 in free gift cards. I almost always get my gift cards for Target or Chilis... but there's a whole list to choose from.