A letter to stupid thieves...

Dearest Stupid Thieves,

You know, I was quite surprised to go out to my car yesterday and find that you had been going through it, especially since we always, always keep the doors locked. This one time it must have been forgotten... don't bother coming back... it surely won't happen again.

You must have been quite disappointed to see that the only two CDs in the car were Barney and Aerosmith... guess those weren't to your taste.

Anyway, I am quite saddened at the theft of the spare change that was in my console... I am truly feeling the loss of that $1.50 or so.

Oh and as for my sunglasses... you must have thought you were scoring big with some designer frames or something. But alas... they cost me about $1o at Kohl's last summer. Yea, and they've been used quite a bit... probably have remnants of perspiration on them... or maybe some funk from behind my ears... eww. Enjoy them.

I do want to thank you though... you were kind enough to leave the carseats and the various cell phone and camera chargers... the only real valuables in the car.


speeddemon0117 said...

It just goes to show that thiefs are not always the brightest of the bunch. That is why they became thiefs.

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Joe said...


jeneflower said...

I think sometimes it just feels like a violation when someone gets into your stuff. Even if they don't take anything.