Earth Day Challenge: Step it up a notch

In honor of Earth Day (which is today), I wanted to issue a little Earth Day Challenge.

These days many people are more aware of the green movement and they want to help make the earth a cleaner place to live. Many people have taken the initiative to get up off their butts and do something about it. And still many others want to do something, but just don't know where to start.

And for some people this is an entirely new concept.... and for those people... here is their official wake up call: Ummmm HELLO.... The Earth is Hurting. Do something. Do something now.

Ok, so now that we have that taken care of, let's get down to business. I'm challenging you to think about how you live. What kind of an impact are you having on the earth? Do you do things to help the environment? Do you reduce, reuse and recycle? Are you new to this whole green thing, but want to make changes in your life?

Whether you are a green living fanatic or a newbie, I want to challenge you to step it up a notch. What one thing can you do to help the environment just a little bit more?
  • Do you want to make the switch to cloth napkins?

  • Can you take unneeded printouts and use the flip side as scrap paper?

  • Are you able to trim 3 minutes off the length of your shower?

  • Will you make a donation to an environmental cause?

  • If you only recycle cans and bottles, can you also start recycling paper?

  • Can you adjust your thermostat, even 1 degree, to save on electricity and gas?

  • Will you stop using plastic shopping bags, and use the reusable cloth ones instead?

  • Or can you at least reuse the plastic bags from your last shopping trip?

I could go on and on. And I'm sure you could think of many other small ways that you can step it up a notch. One of the things that puts people off about green living is that they think it's an all or nothing thing. They think it's an up-hill battle. They think one person, doing one thing, certainly can't make a difference. And they get over-whelmed.

But.... we CAN make a difference. One person at a time. Doing one small thing at a time. You do what you are comfortable with and what fits in with your life. It is individuals, united together for a common cause, that have influence over governments and big corporations. (Just look at Clorox coming out with green cleaners because they are learning what the people want.)

Do just one thing. Step it up just a notch. That's my challenge. Go.


Joy said...

Here's an idea! Take a half gallon milk carton, fill it with water, and place it in your toilet's tank. This reduces water when you flush!

Crystal said...

Great post. I recently woke to how much I am harming the environment and my responsibility to stop and try to reverse some of it. I read a great book that really inspired me and got me started. You can read my synopsis of it on my blog. It is called "Serve God, Save the Planet" and is under my "green living" label. I'd leave the permalink by I don't know how to do that in a comment.