Diaper Deals

With two kiddos in diapers, you can bet I am always on the lookout for the latest in diaper deals. Here's what I've spotted recently:

* Printable coupons for Pull-Ups training pants found here.

* Click here for Target's printable Pampers diapers coupons: $3.00 off any Pampers diapers or training pants and 180-ct. or larger wipes AND another coupon for $1.50 off Splashers swim diapers. (Thanks to Baby Cheapskate for alerting me to this deal!) Hopefully you have some manufacturer's coupons to combine with these.

* Buy 3 packs of any Huggies diapers and get a $5 rebate from Huggies Choice Rewards here. (Or you can get a free lullaby cd or exercise dvd... but I definitely prefer the cash!)

* Get $5.00 off your first order at Diapers.com with coupon code: NOWSAVE5


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about using cloth? There are so many cool cloth diapers out there now with snaps and cute prints/designs. I spent about $300 at the outset, and that was 2.5 years ago. I will be using them with my second child, so the savings are going to be huge!

Kookaburra said...


Yea, I gave it some thought... both because of the cost of disposables and because of their effect on the environment. But it's just not something I can do.