10 Ways to Save Money... Right Now

  1. Cut back on your usage of disposable products. Use real plates and cloth napkins instead of the paper ones. Use washcloths and towels instead of paper towels. Use real glasses or cups instead of plastic disposables. Of course these won't always be practical, but making a few switches will easily save you some cash.

  2. Switch your landline home phone service to Vonage... an internet phone service. It's exactly the same as your regular service... you use your same phone... it's clear and reliable... you get free long distance and many other perks free.... and it's sooo much cheaper. We made the switch in August 2007 and we love it! It has already saved us atleast $200 in the past 8 months. Click here to check it out.

  3. Evaluate your use of lighting. Do you really need each of those lights on? When you're watching tv, do you need to have the lights on as well? Try turning off non-essential lighting, and saving on your electric bill.

  4. Speaking of lighting, switch to CFL bulbs. The amount of electricity used by CFL bulbs is sooo much less than standard bulbs and they can really save you a ton of cash. Sure, they cost more up front, but you will see your savings quickly. CFLs have really come a long way too... they now turn on quicker and brighter, the bulbs come in smaller sizes, and in dimmer and 3-way options as well.

  5. Use coupons when shopping in stores and try to combine the coupons with sale prices. This is the key to getting name brand products very cheaply... even cheaper than generics. Go to Coupons.com and print free coupons.

  6. When you shop online, use coupon codes. Find coupon codes right here at Tips & Treasures, over at Ultimate Coupons, or do a Google search for them.

  7. Use less detergent. Many people use way more than the recommended amount and it's wasteful and harms your clothes. Also, you can even use less than what is recommended and your clothes will still come out clean. I use half the recommended amount and have never had a problem. Of course this might not work for heavily soiled items, but for general use,it's great to save money this way!

  8. Cut dryer fabric softener sheets in half. Half works just as well as a whole sheet.

  9. Get rewarded for shopping. If you're going to be making purchases anyway, you might as well get rewarded for them with cash back or points towards free gift cards. Check out Inbox Dollars, MyPoints, or Ebates.

  10. Buy a filtered water pitcher. This will help you to drink more water and less of other more costly beverages. It also cuts off spending so much money on bottled water.