Works For Me Wednesday: Leftover Snacks

You know how having leftovers for dinner never seems that appealing? Well the same goes for snacks. Atleast in our household, anyway.

We often end up with several different snack packages open in our snack cabinet. And guess what? Once they get down to only a small amount remaining, no one wants them. Even my daughter (almost 2!) has figured this out and often gets tired of the same old snacks.

Of course we don't want those remaining handfuls of four (or seven) different snacks to go to waste so I came up with an easy solution. I take some of each type of snack and make up a snack mix!

It's new! It's different! It's exciting! Or atleast it is to my daughter. It's funny how the same snacks she wouldn't eat five minutes before, are easily gobbled up when mixed together in a bowl. It gets all those last tidbits of snacks eaten, and not wasted, and it certainly works for me!

1 comment:

Michele said...

Great idea! :) I found that this works for cereal, too.
Michele :)