Saving the earth... one bag at a time

Ok, this is so simple. So easy. So practical. So cheap. And so smart. So why isn't everybody doing it???

I'm talking about ditching those horrid plastic bags and switching to reusable cloth tote bags when you shop. I had been wanting to switch to cloth bags for awhile and finally made the switch about 6 months ago or so.

I looove my tote bags for grocery shopping. They are much easier to stand up and fill with groceries. They also hold more than plastic bags do. Also??? The bags do not rip and the handles do not break off! And another thing.... the bags get placed in the trunk of my car and they don't fall over and spill out groceries all over.

Seriously this has made shopping so much easier for us. And it cuts down on time... you fit more groceries in each bag... you have less bags to put into and take out of your car... so it's less work for you and more time saved! Oh and then there's that whole saving the planet thing too.

So, how about you? Have you made the switch from plastic to reusable cloth bags?

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Inner Vision Marketing said...

That is a fantastic idea. As you said, "why don't everyone do this"?

Now, I just have to find the right ones.