Cosmetic habits

Elf Cosmetics

What are your cosmetic habits? Are you one of those people that constantly changes their makeup brand, style and colors? Or are you pretty consistent with your look?

I am one of those consistent people. Long ago I found a liquid foundation, a pressed powder and a blush by CoverGirl that worked well for me. And I always use mascara by Maybelline or Avon. The only thing I occasionally try a different brand for is eyeshadow. I liked the look I achieved with my usual makeup and I certainly liked that they weren't pricey.

But recently I'm itching to try some new makeup brands. Only thing is, I don't wanna spend an arm and a leg to try out different makeups to see if they work for me or not. Oh and I don't want any real pricey makeup.

So.... I'm looking into trying e.l.f. cosmetics. You know, the place where all the makeup is $1.00. Have you tried them yet? I'm somewhat skeptical on what the quality of the makeup is like. Cause ummm yea, it's only a dollar. How great can it be? I dunno. But you know what? It might be worth a try to sample a few of their items and see how well they work and what kind of a look I can achieve. By the way... the stuff looks pretty nice on their site...

Oh and after peeking around their site, it looks pretty darn interesting. You can customize your own makeup compact with each of the four colors that you want in it. You can do this for eye, lip and face colors. How cool is that? And you can order refills for your compact. Sound interesting? Customize your own e.l.f. compact today!

So how about it? You wanna try some of their products along with me? As if the $1 price tag wasn't good enough already, they also have a coupon code: elf5, for 5% off your total order.


Anonymous said...

The eyeliner doesn't really layer on alot of color. But otherwise everything is great. I buy from them mostly for the $1 tools. Their lip products are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love e.l.f. products! I have bought them at my local Target store (although it's not a large selection) and I have ordered from them online.

I love the customized compact too.

Definately try it out!