Competitive Shopping (It's a Sport)

While hubby and I were out shopping this weekend, I started to think about how shopping can be like a game or a sport, or even an art. At least to me it is.

We were running around to various stores, my coupons in hand, and trying to score as many sales as possible. We went to CVS, Acme, Fashion Bug, Walgreens, Petsmart and Toys R Us. We used tons of coupons and mostly shopped the sale and clearance items.

Just from coupons alone, we saved atleast $75. There's another $8 in savings coming through a mail-in rebate. We also got $7 back in extra bucks at CVS. The amount we saved through shopping the sale and clearance items is too numerous to count... but it's probably an additional $100 or more in savings.

I pride myself on not paying full price. My motto has always been... Why pay full price, when I know I can get it cheaper. And I'm not talking about buying generics or inferior products. I make it a sport to buy the things we need and or want... but at a fraction of the cost.

So anyway, continuing with our shopping, we went to Sears because we need a new oven. Well Sears' selection was less than desirable. So we headed off to Lowe's. Lowe's had an oven with the exact features we were looking for, was priced much better than those at Sears, and we really liked it.

Only one problem with the Oven. It wasn't on sale and we didn't have any coupons. We liked that oven so much and we came close to just buying it. But then I decided to hold off on the purchase. I wanted to see if they would go on sale within the next few weeks or so. Even though we liked the oven and it was a good retail price, it was just the competitive side of me that said wait a minute, you can do better than this. Why spend extra money if you don't need to???

To make this long story short, we came home, I did some googling around the internet and just happened to find a coupon for 10% off at Lowe's. How about that? You just fill out the form for Lowe's and they email or snail mail you the coupon. My stubbornness paid off and will save us almost $60 on the oven!

Make sure that when you shop, you don't always settle for the ticket price. Take some time and use your resources. Do an online search, look through the newspaper or your entertainment book (you can still get this for free or almost free) and see if you can find coupons to use.

Make it a habit. Make it a sport. Make it fun to see how much you can save. Then take that extra money you saved and buy yourself something special.