The Zoo

One of our family's favorite activities is going to the zoo. Here's why:
  • My daughter loooves animals.
  • The zoo we go to is FREE!!!
  • It's outdoors... so it provides fresh air and we can enjoy the nice weather.
  • Gets us some exercise... the zoo is big and requires alot of walking.
  • It's educational, as well as fun & entertaining!

Since it's winter, we haven't been to the zoo in quite some time. They are open year-round but it's just too cold for us to be hanging out outside. Just like we also avoid taking walks and going to the park because I'm a wimp and I can't hack the cold.

Anyway, it gets kind of boring being home and inside throughout the winter. Even though we try to rotate the toys and think of different things to do at home, it gets to be same old, same old pretty quickly. So....

This past weekend we went to the zoo. Well, not exactly. But we did see frogs, lizards, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, a rat, fish, dogs and cats. Yea, we went to the pet store. And we walked around checking out all the animals as if we were at the zoo. And my daughter was absolutely delighted.

What activites do you do with your kids to keep the boredom away during the cold or rainy weather?