Step away from the paper napkins and no one gets hurt

One of the easiest ways to help the planet is to consume less. And just over a year ago I made it my goal to limit my consumption. I wanted to find the little, easy things that I, myself, could do to help the environment.

It started with switching from paper towels to washclothes for cleaning up my daughter after meals. Then I switched to using CFL bulbs, washing laundry in cold water, and hanging some clothes to dry - all to use less electricity. Next I moved on to reusing and repurposing many items from around my house. This saved me from having to buy many new things... and consuming less.

Even though I stopped using paper towels for my daughter during meals, hubby and I were still using paper napkins for ourselves. It didn't even occur to me until many months later that we should make the switch to cloth napkins. But I didn't own any. And I didn't want to spend alot to acquire any.

So anyway, it took me alittle bit of time and I managed to find a whole bunch of cloth napkins on clearance at Kohl's one day. Oh and it helped that I had a coupon for an extra 15% off too. I don't remember exactly what I paid for them, but I know they were under a dollar each. Not bad.

If you are more ambitious and look around more, you can find cloth napkins even cheaper than I did, but I was prego and cranky and not up for wobbling around to too many stores. And if you are crafty, you could always use fabric scraps to make a few cloth napkins as well.

Either way, using my cloth napkins is much cheaper than always having to buy paper napkins. Oh and it's soooo much better for the planet. And that is what's most important anyway.


Kim said...

I am slowly switching everything to cloth. I didn't realize how much I wasted with using paper towels so much.

Anonymous said...

That's a great tip! Thanks.


Mom2fur said...

I bought some linen-like dish towels a while back on clearance at Target. They were way too big for my liking, but I found that I could cut them in four, hem the edges (I'm talking really lazy machine sewing, nothing fancy) and make napkins. They really are so much nicer than paper, although we're sort of between paper and cloth now.
I don't remember the last time I bought paper towels, though. I do a lot of sewing and have been workign with t-shirt knit on some projects. Since it's cotton, the larger scraps make great cleaning rags. Same goes for flannel!
Funny, years ago, if you used cloth napkins it seemed a sign of being rich or fancy-shmancy. Now we use cloth napkins to save money, LOL!