InboxDollars Update

Ok, so a few weeks ago I posted about earning cash online. I had seen an ad for Inbox Dollars and was wondering if I could earn money by taking surveys and reading my email just like I earn free gift cards with MyPoints.

So far they get a definite thumbs up. I signed up for Inbox Dollars on 2/6/08 and I started earning money right away. It has been really easy to just click on the links in the emails that they send me and I earn alittle bit of cash each time. I've also earned a few dollars by taking their surveys. And you know what??? Those little bits of money add up fairly quickly.

It's been 3 weeks and this is what I've earned so far:

Signup Bonus: $5.00
Read emails: $1.63
Complete Offers: $1.00
Complete Surveys: $5.50
Referral Rewards: $2.40

Total earned: $15.53

Total spent? $0 I haven't done any of the offers that require you to sign up for something where you end up spending money (like Columbia House cd club). The only offers that I did were 2 where I signed up for other survey companies. BUT, I did not have to do these offers. I just did those because I'm looking to test them out as well and see how much money I can earn with each one. Oh and I earned $0.50 for signing up for each one. There were other survey companies to join too, but I already belong to those.

Another way I earn money with Inbox Dollars is by referring people. For each person you refer, you earn 10% of their earnings. So far, that has earned me an extra $2.40. So if you sign up with them, make sure you use their referral email system or put a referral link or banner on your site if you have one.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my earnings there and I'll let you know when I reach the $30 mark where I can cashout. Oh and I have upcoming posts on a few other survey companies that I've been trying out as well. I really am addicted to these. I mean, who can argue with earning a little money here and there for just taking surveys and reading emails?

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Jenny said...

I read your post about this a few weeks ago & signed up myself. I haven't had to pay any money out either, and so far it's been an easy way to make a few extra bucks. Thanks for the tip!