I saved $36.00!!!

Since I am a Kohl's charge holder, I got a coupon in the mail the other day for an extra percentage off my charge purchase. It was one of those ones that you can either get 15, 20 or 30% off. You pull off the sticker to reveal your discount.

I always, always, ALWAYS, get 15% off. That's just my luck. Really. So, imagine my surprise when I pulled off my little sticker and there it was.... 30% off my purchase!!! You have no idea how excited I was. I immediately started planning out what we needed to buy.

I looove to shop at Kohl's. They have an amazing selection of clearance items and often have an extra percentage off those prices as well. And guess what??? When we went to Kohl's last night, they had an extra 25% off all the clearance prices!!! Woooohoooo! I believe that extra 25% off lasts through monday 2/18/08.

Anyway, I was able to stock up on clothes for my 2 little ones... mostly stuff for next winter and a few things for hubby too. We got 2 huge bags of stuff and my 30% off saved us a whopping $36! There were some really great deals packed in those bags.... almost all of them costing less than $5 a piece... many even less than $3. Now I have peace of mind knowing that I have a good supply ready for next winter AND I didn't break the bank to do it.

Online you can find alot of good deals as well... although I think the selection is usually better in store. If you are shopping online and using a Kohl's charge, you would probably like to have this 30% off coupon code handy..... PRESIDENT30, expires 2/18/08.

If you are shopping instore and using your Kohl's charge, at the register they will give you a scratch off card to reveal your savings. If you only get 15%, ask if you can try again. Many times they will let you pick another one or they will just go ahead and give you 20% off instead. I know this because I used to work for Kohl's a few years back. And in fact, the cashier did this for the people right in front of us in line. So speak up and save yourself even more money.

Then come on back here and brag about all of your savings.