Earn Cash Online?

As I was browsing through a few new blogs the other day I happened to notice this banner on one of them.

It caught my eye and I clicked through the link and checked it out. It seems like a program very similar to MyPoints (which I have belonged to for years and have earned tons of free gift cards from). Click here to Join MyPoints if you're interested.

So I signed up for Inbox Dollars yesterday and this is what I figured out so far. You get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up. Then you get cash for completing surveys, reading emails, completing offers, playing games and shopping with their partners. I've already earned $7.63! When I reach $30, I can cashout and have a check sent to me. Not a bad way to earn some easy money, if you ask me.

Have any of you heard of Inbox Dollars? Are you a member? If so, how much money have you earned? Do you think it's worthwhile? I'm really interested to find out if it can be as good as MyPoints.

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Anonymous said...

I actually do send earnings which is a sister site since things are the same. i think send earnings pays a bit more per email. i quit my inbox account to just do send earnings. i haven't been with it too long but have about 25.00 in there.