This is too funny

Have you started your Christmas 2008 shopping yet? Yea, me neither... although I do tend to shop throughout the year, scooping up good deals as they come my way. The house renovations (now complete) and the impending arrival of Baby #2 (C-section scheduled for 1/22) have kept me too busy to even think about Christmas shopping.

Anyway, this is incase you wanna start your shopping and incase you happen to have a special furry someone on your list to shop for. Or it's if you need a good laugh.

Yes, this adorable Ferret Santa Suit is marked down 50% off in PETCO's Holiday Sale section. Priced at only $6.49 and I'm sure that special ferret in your life will be quite pleased with it. And if you order quickly (through 1/18/08) you can save 10% Off, No Minimum Purchase Required, when you shop at PETCO.com! Just click that link and the coupon code is automatically applied.

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Kyle said...

What a coincidence, I was just thinking my Ferret was looking silly in her New Years Eve Hat and party dress.