Junking the Junk Mail

Is your mailbox crammed full of junk mail each and every day? Between the endless credit card offers, the bulky and annoying catalogs and the other useless advertisements, you might even be afraid to open your mailbox. I know I was. But not so much anymore.

Really, something can be done about all that waste. See, awhile back I discovered Ideal Bite and all of their awesome tips on becoming greener. They realize that many people would love to become more eco-friendly, but lack the knowledge on just how to get there. You can sign up (for free) for their daily tips that make it alot less overwhelming. Or you can easily browse through their tip library to see what interests you. And you can even submit your own tips.

Anyway, it was through Ideal Bite that I found several ways to put a stop to the seemingly endless supply of junk mail. There are a few sites where you can simply opt-out of receiving many kinds of junk mail. It's easy and it's free. What do you have to lose?

I did this many months back and my junk mail has decreased dramatically. Really, I hardly ever get a credit card offer anymore... and before this I was getting atleast 2 per day, many times even more than that. Oh and I get a whole lot less of other kinds of junk mail too.

Of course, my junk mail hasn't been completely eliminated... I still get catalogs from companies that I have bought from in the past and I still get the supermarket circulars. I also get a bunch of baby-related junk mail because that's what happens when you're pregnant... your name somehow ends up on a million mailing lists.

But anyway, if you want to start off 2008 with alot less waste and alot less junk and alot less of a hastle at the mailbox, I really recommend heading over there and junking the junk mail.