I'm back with all your tips & treasures

Soooo sorry that I have been gone this long. I just fell off the blogging wagon for a month and I'm back and ready to keep you up to date with all kinds of tips & treasures that I find useful.

Long story short on where I've been.... resting... as much as possible when I'm constantly chasing after an active toddler oh and getting ready for Christmas. As my regular readers (are there any left?) already know, I am due with Baby #2 on January 28th. I ran into some health issues with my blood pressure rising, etc. and my doc ended up putting me on bedrest. Bedrest? What's that? Lol anyway I've been trying my hardest to take it easy.

Since I wasn't able to get out to do my Christmas shopping, almost every single gift that I gave was purchased online. I found some terrific deals and managed to save myself a ton of money in the process.

And you want to know another way we managed to save money this Christmas? We never got around to putting up our outdoor Christmas lights... so we saved a ton off of our electricity bill. I looove having our lights up but this year it just wasn't happening. I was on bedrest and hubby, my Dad and my Grandfather have been sooo busy trying to complete the total renovation of our 2 upstairs bedrooms.

Here's a few pics of the progress in 1 of the rooms.

Now those 2 rooms are almost, almost done. I'll be sure to post more pics as our renovations wrap up. Hopefully they will be complete and we will be moved into them before baby arrives. But who knows, since our daughter was born 3 weeks early, it's a good chance that Baby #2 will be early as well.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very nice, but very hectic with all that has been going on. The only way that I managed to survive was that I had this little cutie appearing every once in awhile (in between the fits of toddler rage anyway).