We have a winner!

Congrats to Kathy who won the first Tips & Treasures Coupon Contest! Her envelope stuffed with coupons is on it's way to her in today's mail. Just want to say thanks for those who stopped by and participated! There will be more of these contests in the future so watch out for those.

Hopefully this contest and my recent post were enough to inspire you to start using coupons when you do your grocery shopping. If not, then maybe they just aren't your thing for one reason or another. For those people, if you still want to save money on groceries, you should consider the stockpiling approach.

I've discussed stockpiling several times before. The key point is to shop when things are on sale. Not just any sale though. Make sure it is a good one... such as the lowest price you can find that item for. When you see these fantastic deals, stock up and buy several of that item. This works best with non-perishable groceries, frozen groceries, toiletries, paper products and cleaners.

For example, we shop at Acme and they always have tons of stuff on sale for only $1. Those sales change every week so there's always something different to choose from. Anyway, we really enjoy the Knorr-Lipton's rice and every once in awhile they will be $1. And for that rice, it's the best price we've found. So we buy 5-10 of them. That way we have them on hand and won't have to buy any for quite some time. In fact we won't have to buy them until the next time they are marked down to $1. Get it?

Stockpiling is all about buying a large quantity when the price is at it's lowest, stocking it up, and not having to buy these items regular price ever again.