Quirky Quick Tip #23

Time for another Tips & Treasures Quirky Quick Tip. These are my random tips on a whole variety of topics... whatever seems to be bouncing around my head that day.

Tip #23
Do you have one of those banana hangers in your kitchen? You know, those things that stand up and have a hook from which you are supposed to hang your bananas so they can be all pretty on display? Well if you do, toss it. Really, it's no good.

I was always wondering why my bananas would go brown not long after I brought them home. So one day I left them sitting on the counter and noticed that they actually stayed yellow. I put the banana hanger aside and have continued to leave my bananas laying down and I haven't had brown bananas since! Try it, it works!

Oh and if you still want them to look pretty, try displaying them on a cute platter or in a decorative bowl.

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