My laptop is back... but not for long

Yay! My laptop was fixed, shipped back to the store and ready for pick-up Saturday morning. We were completely thrilled to find out that all three of it's issues were covered free of charge. Gotta love those extended warranties!!!

BUT.... (yea, isn't there always a but) there's bad news too. Of course. Anyway, hubby picked up the laptop Saturday morning. Everything was fixed and it was working fine. Then comes Sunday evening when all of a sudden it starts making this really loud buzzing type sound. I dunno if it's something with the speakers, or what. But it was LOUD. Oh, and annoying. Big time. I thought the thing was ready to blow.

Anyway, we turned it off and left it till Monday morning. Turned it on, and again with the loud buzzing sound. Nothing makes the sound go away, except for turning the whole thing off. So, needless to say, I am AGAIN, without a computer. We are dropping the laptop off tonight and I'm sure it'll be gone for another week and a half or so. Bummer. Once again, I'm back to posting only when I can borrow another laptop...