Coupons, Part III

Waaaay back in May, I shared a few posts on couponing. I told you that the easiest way that I have found to save money is by using coupons when I go grocery shopping. I always save a minimum of $10 per shopping trip and the max I saved was probably around $45.

First there was this post where I refuted many of the reasons (excuses) that people come up with for not using coupons. And I even shared a few tips about how to shop and only buy the things that are on sale. Follow those guidelines and you'll rarely have to buy anything full price again!

Then I posted my tips on where to find coupons. Not only can they be found in your newspaper, but you can also find some in magazines, the grocery store itself, and on many brand's websites. I suggested that you pick up any coupons you find, even if you can not use them. Why? Because that's where coupon swapping comes in.

There are many, many, many groups of people all over the country that are swapping their unwanted coupons in the hopes of getting the ones that they can actually use. A coupon train often works like this:
  • The conductor starts the train by sending approx. 50 coupons to the first person on the list.

  • Then that person takes what they want, replaces them with their unwanted coupons, and then sends it on to the next person on the list.

  • Each person on the list does the same thing until it arrives home to the conductor. Then the conductor restarts the train.

  • Also each person should remove the expired or soon-to-expire coupons and replace them with unexpired coupons.

It's that easy. And finding and joining a coupon train is even easier. Do a quick google search of "coupon trains" and you will get tons of results. You can always find coupon trains here and here too. Join a coupon train and start swapping coupons. You will quickly see how many great coupons are up for grabs.

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Anonymous said...

The coupon train sounds like a great idea! I'm going to check it out...our local paper has horrible coupons!