Black Friday?

Do you do the black friday frenzy? Not me. From what I've heard you can really score some great deals if you get up at 2am, camp out in a long line in front of a store and freeze your butt off while you're waiting for the store to open. It's just not for me.

While I was in highschool and college I worked in retail. So I participated in every single black friday, except I was working, not shopping. Then after that I didn't have any kids to shop for, so there was no real need to go crazy trying to get the latest and greatest toys or whatever.

Now I have an almost 2 year old who could care less what she gets for Christmas. She will be happy with whatever Santa brings her, so again - no real reason to go crazy shopping. Maybe I will brave the black friday frenzy when she and her soon-to-arrive brother are older and begging for those latest and greatest toys. But I'm not so sure. I hate crowds, traffic and rude people and seriously that's all I think of on black friday.

Anyway, I'm much more comfy scouting out the deals online from the comfort of my nice, warm house as I lounge in my pj's. Oh and I can do it at any time. No need to get outta bed any earlier than my Baby Dear wants me to (usually around 6:30 these days). And, and, and... I can use coupon codes online. You can try using them in the stores, but the cashiers may look at you kinda funny when you're standing there spitting out some weird code to them.

And speaking of coupon codes.... there are plenty to enjoy. Really, my inbox is overflowing with them and I'm actually getting kind of overwhelmed by it all. But in a good way. Cause there's nothing wrong with free shipping and discounts on purchases. So anyway, all I'm trying to say is look out... there will be coupon codes galore popping up as often as I can post em... well, inbetween all my own shopping that I'll be doing.

To get you started, how would you like $5.00 off your purchase of $50 or more at Target? No coupon code needed, just click here and the discount will be taken automatically. Expires 12/30/07.

What about you? Do you do the black friday frenzy? Are the deals really worth it? What kind of deals have you scored in the past? And how early do you wake up?

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Arnold said...

Black Friday sucks!