Stuck at 12 months old

You know, I've heard that joke so many times about someone being stuck at age 29 for a few years, never wanting to actually turn 30. Well how about being stuck at 12 months old??? Isn't that the perfect age? Probably not, but anyway that's the age that Baby Dear is currently stuck at, even though my math tells me she is really 18 months old.

Baby Dear is very much an active 18 month old. She has a huge vocabulary and she uses it quite often. She has a great imagination and can entertain herself in play. She easily follows our daily routine but is well adjusted enough to manage any changes to it. She knows when it's bedtime, doesn't even protest, falls asleep on her own and sleeps through the night. She eats a great variety of foods and when she is done she loves to wash her hands in the sink. She sings, she dances, she runs and she pretends to read books.

So how is she stuck at 12 months? Her photo album. It's seriously lacking in new pics. I mean, really, 6 whole months have gone by and nothing has been added to it. The album simply ends with her 1st birthday party pics. And it's certainly not from a lack of picture taking by her parents and adoring grandparents. There are plenty to fill several albums, yet they are trapped in my laptop. And there they sit, having no hope of ever being developed.

I am making it my mission to get them developed and put straight into an album. Baby Dear cannot be stuck at only 12 months old forever... especially when we have her little brother arriving in January. All I need are a few coupon codes and I'm good to go. Are you in desperate need of developing your pics too? Luckily for you I've compiled a list of some of the latest and greatest coupon codes around.

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