Repurpose Baby Wipe Containers

One of my daughter's favorite activities is Tubby Time. She loves the bubbles, the splashing, and the sloshing around. She also loves her collection of special toys that are only for Tubby Time. She has bath crayons, boats and squirt bottles. Oh and don't forget the baby wash and the bubbles.

Something had to be done with all the bathroom kiddie clutter. That's where I got my ingenious idea and turned this:
into this:

Voila! An easy storage solution that didn't cost me a dime.

What other ways can we repurpose these wipe containers instead of simply trashing them? Have you repurposed any other items from around your house?



Yep! I used to reuse those too. The best ones were the baby wipes that came in LEGO-like building-block-shaped boxes. Loved those!

Great ideas in your blog!

Carrie said...

I have repurposed a Kleenex wipes white plastic container. I first put colorful flower stickers to cover-up the words on top, then used it to keep small items together. So I have a free storage container that I can leave out and it's still decorative.