Quirky Quick Tip #22

Every Friday I am posting a Quirky Quick Tip. These will be random tips on a variety of topics... whatever seems to be bouncing around my head that day.

Tip #22
Like to eat out, but don't want it to break the bank? Restaurant.com offers a big selection of local restaurant gift cards for a fraction of their cost. Seriously check out their prices. Then make them even better! Use coupon code: PASSPORT to take 50% off. This makes their $25 gift cards only $5 and their $10 gift cards only $2!!! And remember, they are constantly adding new restaurants to their site, so the selection is always different. But hurry, this coupon code is only good through 10/14/07.

Check back for more Quirky Quick Tips on saving money, organizing, crafting, cleaning, and saving your sanity.

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