Perfect Timing for a Coupon Code!

Yesterday I was browsing around online for a new pair of maternity jeans. I happened to find some from Old Navy and I thought I'd give em a try. They were $32.50 and Old Navy has standard $5 shipping on all orders. Alittle pricey for a pair of jeans that I was only going to be wearing for a few months. But hey, that's the price you're willing to pay when you're prego and uncomfortable and need clothes that actually fit.

But I still wanted to make the deal alittle better. Since I'm an Old Navy card holder, I can use coupon code: SPECIAL for free shipping on my $50+ order. The jeans weren't enough so I browsed around for some fall/winter shirts for Baby Dear. Normally I am all stocked up on her clothes from last year's clearance sales, but somehow I barely got her any shirts at all. So I found a few cute shirts and sweaters all on sale and was about to checkout.

That's when I heard Baby Dear waking up from her nap so I pushed the computer aside for alittle while. Then hubby came home for lunch and then the mail arrived. So I didn't get a chance to complete my order with Old Navy. BUT... then I was looking through the mail and discovered an advertisement and an offer for 20% off any order.... from..... Old Navy!!! I may have done a little dance of glee right there.

So the 20% off promotion started today and first thing this morning I placed my order. Oh and I might have added a few things to my cart inbetween. But hey it's 20% off, how could I resist??? So my order of $100, turned out to be only $80! That includes the free shipping since you can use both the 20% off and the free shipping codes together!

Wanna take advantage of this great Old Navy promo? Use coupon code: STUFFSAVE. One catch... you need to be an Old Navy card holder to use it.

Oh and you wanna know how I made this deal even better than this? I made my purchase through my MyPoints (Earn Rewards at MyPoints.) account and earned 2 points per dollar spent! In about 2 weeks I'll have enough points to redeem for another $25 gift card! Yay!