New baby... new gear

With the upcoming arrival of Baby Dear's brother in January, I'm starting to take count of what we have and what we need. We already have the crib, changing table, diaper genie, swing, highchair, nursing and bottle supplies, toys, and pack n play. Thankfully Baby Dear had several gender neutral sleepers and even a few outfits that can all be passed on to her brother. So we are stocked up on most of what we need.

But there are a few items we still must purchase. For starters we need a new infant carseat as Baby Dear's had something wrong with the harness and we ditched it. I definitely want a bouncy seat this time around. We will probably need a new infant carrier/baby wearing device. I had the Infantino (Shop at Target.com ) for Baby Dear and used it all the time. She loved being in it and I loved having my arms free and not always needing a stroller when we were out and about.
Only problem was that I wasn't totally in love with the thing. It seemed to need readjustments too often and the flap in the front never stayed down and always popped up in her face. This time around I anticipate getting even more use out of the carrier since I will need both hands free to wrangle in an enthusiastic toddler. So I'm looking into options for a replacement carrier and would love to hear your suggestions.

Another item that we'll need for the arrival of Baby #2 is a double stroller. We are looking for one that will hold Baby Dear, as well as an infant carseat for her brother, and then will convert to a regular two seat stroller. I am in looove with this one from One Step Ahead.

It's called the Sit 'n Stand Elite Double Stroller. You can check their site for all the pictures but here are the basics on the different ways you can use it.
  • Regular seat along with infant carseat
  • Sit and stand jump seat with infant carseat
  • Regular seat with sit and stand jump seat
  • Two regular seats

In reading the reviews, there are plenty of people who love it and there are also a few of the drawbacks mentioned. I'm sure there are pros and cons with any stroller out there but I'm hoping that this will work well for our needs. And I love this stroller just alittle bit more knowing that these two One Step Ahead coupon codes are available: One Step Ahead 15% off $100 or more code SEPAFFB OR One Step Ahead Halloween Sale: $10 Off $75 or More with Code: HAUNT10 ends 10/21.

We're still shopping around for both the infant carrier and the double stroller and I would totally love it if you could leave me some comments about what you loved/hated about your baby gear.

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Mel : ) said...

you should check out the ergo carrier (http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/) they are fantastic! i have tried about 6 different types of slings & this one is my fave.

they are expensive though & i guess it depends how long you want to use it for. i carry my 10.5 kilo bub around in it with no probs where as he gets way to heavy in any of my other carriers. but i wouldnt use it for a newborn, there are probably better ones for that - the hug-a-bub is great because it holds them really close (http://www.hugabub.com/) but you need to tye it up & it can be a pain if your in a hurry.

anyway, sorry for the long rant!