Go green and save green

More and more people are really catching on to the fact that our planet is in trouble. For too long we have been thinking only of ourselves and not of our future generations. What kind of planet are we going to leave them? The future doesn't have to be so grim if we can start now and take actions to reduce our environmental impact.

Problem is, many people feel that the problem is bigger than them and there's nothing that they can personally do. And that is absolutely false. There are many things we can each do on a daily basis that can make a huge impact. Wondering where to start? Check out Bankrate's 153 Ways to Go Green.

They have them all broken down into eight categories: Home, Energy, Work & School, Technology & Communications, Food, Leisure & Entertainment, Health & Beauty and Money & Finance. And to make the lists more manageable, each one of those categories is broken down into quick fixes, things you can do short term and things you can do for the long haul.

You may be surprised to see that each one of Bankrate's Ways to Go Green will also save you some green. For each tip listed, they have also calculated the $ Factor so you can see what each option will cost you and how much it will save you. It's as easy as that so there's really no reason not to start right now.