Easy Pumpkin Crafts

I found a picture of this beautiful hand-crafted centerpiece sometime last fall and I saved it as one of those things that I would try out one day. Yea, one day when I didn't have a crying baby or a high-spirited toddler running around all day long.

Well that day hasn't come yet and I suspect it won't be coming for quite some time. But I really, really want to try this out. I'll get to it... someday. Anyway, it's just a pumpkin with the guts scooped out and painted with a simple, but cute design. Next it was filled with dirt and some flowers (real or fake) and a few other decorative touches were added. I'm not so sure I'd add in the apples in the bouquet, but the rest is great.

As I said before, I discovered this craft project last year, and I was only recently reminded of it when I saw a similar version of it here. An Ordinary Mom created this simple fall centerpiece with a pumpkin minus the guts, some dirt and a flower. It's so simple and yet so cute. I love it and this is definitely something I can find the time for. Oh and it's great for kiddos. When you check out her site, make sure you also check out her mess-free pumpkin craft.

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