Resolution Updates

I've shared with you before how I made a New Year's Resolution for this past year. Now that we're 9 months into the year, I thought I would update you on my resolution efforts.

First, I decided that I would use less disposable products, mainly paper towels. I had been using paper towels after each meal to clean Baby Dear's face. I realized the impact this wastefulness was having on the environment and on my wallet and I have since switched to using washcloths.

I've also cut back on a few other disposables like paper plates and zip lock baggies. My latest cutback will be on paper napkins. For right now, we are stuck using the disposables because we don't have any cloth napkins. So I'm on the lookout for some cheap cloth napkins... I'm hopeful that one of these days I can find some on clearance at Target.

I've continued hanging many of our clothes to dry instead of using the dryer and wasting electricity. I've continued donating to several charities throughout the year. I also continue to look at things before I throw them out and think if there is any way that I can reuse or repurpose them. In fact I have an upcoming post that shows how I repurpose baby wipe containers.

Another thing I've done this year is to off-set our electricity use with the NJ CleanPower Choice Program. This allows us to support clean, renewable sources of energy like solar or wind power, low-impact or hydro power, and landfill gas power. Since they can explain it better than I, this is from their website:
When you make the CleanPower Choice, electricity is generated from clean, renewable energy sources located in New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic region. Importantly, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities' Office of Clean Energy verifies that renewable energy is delivered into the Mid Atlantic power pool that serves your needs. The more people who sign up for the CleanPower Choice Program, the more renewable energy sources that will be added to the energy mix. Also, each household that participates in the CleanPower Choice Program can reduce CO2 emissions by over 10,000 lbs. per year, which is equivalent to planting 1.35 acres of trees!

This is really a great plan with great benefits for the earth. It's easy to sign up and doesn't effect your service in any way. It costs a fraction more on our electric bill each month, but it surely doesn't break the bank. So with trying not to waste electricity and with off-setting the amount that we do use, I feel much better about our environmental impact. I would highly recommend checking this out and seeing if a similar program is available in your area.

One of the biggest changes since I started my resolution has been my recycling revamp. Before the revamp, we had not been recycling any paper products. Now we always do. This includes newspapers, catalogs, junk mail, tissue boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cereal boxes an other cardboard packaging from food. This amount of recycling cuts back on 1 bag of garbage per week.

It's truly amazing what just alittle bit of effort can do.


Amanda said...

I am attempting to do the same thing--cut back on paper products, especially napkins. I couldn't find any cheap ones either, so I ended up cutting up and old tablecloth...tada! Brand new napkins!

Kookaburra said...


Glad you found something that works for you! Not only is it a savings on the environment, but I'm sure it's a good savings on your wallet as well!


Kyle @ Rather-Be-Shopping.com said...

Great tips, glad they are fitting into your lifestyle. I have adopted some of the same techniques. Another good one we use is soft washclothes instead of baby wipes, this has saved us alot of money and they are a lot less irritating to her skin.