Repair or replace?

You know, I really hate the way products are made these days. They are made to be disposable and nothing is made to last, like they were in the good ol' days. So something is always breaking and needing to be repaired or replaced.

And of course, that's where your next problem arises. It's not enough that something is broken, but then you have to decide whether it should be fixed or replaced. This is the situation we're facing now. Our stupid oven thermostat knob broke about a week ago. So no oven for us, but fortunately this doesn't affect the stove, so we can still use that part at least.

We called our gas company and had someone come out to give us an estimate on how much it would cost to fix the darn thing. The guy took a quick look at it and said it would probably not be worth it to even fix because it would be a whopping $200-$300. They called us back today with a price for the part... which is only $33! Not bad, right? Well then the guy goes on to tell me that it's an additional $195 per hour in labor charges! He said it would probably take about 40 minutes to complete the job. So we're talking approximately $165 (or more!) plus tax. Ummmm no thanks.

We were really upset to hear this estimate on fixing our oven. I'm not sure how old the oven is.... we've lived here for about 2 years and it was here before us. I know it's not old or anything (probably about 5 0r 6 years old or something) but it certainly isn't worth sinking almost $200 into. I mean, what if they fix it and then something else breaks next month? Then we'd be out even more money. And if you've read this blog for some time at all, you will know that I'm not really a big fan of wasting money.

We weren't really planning on replacing the appliances quite yet, but we knew we would do it in the next 2 years, when we sell our house. So I guess we'll just start alittle earlier than we planned. If we were to buy a new oven, we could get one for $300-$400 or so. And it would be NEW! And clean! (With our current oven, the previous owners left it really nasty and no matter how much we scrubbed, we could never get it clean.) Oh and a pretty new oven will come with a pretty new warranty.... even better!

Have you ever been faced with a repair or replace dilemma? What did you decide to do and what factors influenced your decision?