It Pays to Complain

I'm a complainer. That's really no secret. I expect good customer service. I expect companies to treat their employees and customers well. I expect people to honor their commitments and to treat others fairly. And when things are not right, I complain.

I complain about undercooked food, poor service by servers, shipped items arriving damaged, errors on bills, cable, phone or internet service being out, and many more things. Now, I don't complain to be a pain or to get anyone in trouble. I simply complain so that things can change. If no one speaks up, then nothing will change. Of course there's always a time and a place to complain and there's a way to do it politely and respectfully.

Anyway, a few weeks ago hubby and I had tickets to a Riversharks baseball game. Well it got rained out and was rescheduled for last week. Unfortunately it was "Cigar Night" at the stadium. Wondering what Cigar Night is? Well so were we. So hubby contacted them and found out that it was a special promotion for cigar smokers to sign up and they would be allowed to smoke in the stadium. Fun stuff, right?

Well I had a fit and instantly decided that we just wouldn't go. We do not smoke and we can't stand the smell of smoke. Over and over again, you hear about the harmful effects of breathing in second-hand smoke, never mind the fact that I am pregnant and certainly don't want smoke around my unborn child.

Even though we had decided not to go to this game, hubby wanted to call and voice our opinions of this lousy deal. He spoke with the General Manager and he was assured that there were only a very few people actually signed up for this promotion and that they would be seated in the upper deck box in the last section away from everyone else.

Ok, so it wasn't as bad as we thought, but still. Why would a stadium even come up with such a ridiculous promo that would so easily offend others? Especially since some of their biggest $$ supports are local hospitals. Seemed a little odd to us. Well apparently they got into this 5 year contract and this was their last year and they assured us they wouldn't be doing it in the future.

So after a lengthy phone call the GM wanted to know what he could do to make us happier. Hubby emphasized to him that we weren't out looking to get anything, we just wanted to get our point across that it was a bad promo. Long story short, the GM offered us a suite for up to 25 people to the game... all absolutely free! Not a bad deal at all.

So we went, we had a great time and they even put our name up on the scoreboard with all the other groups that they were thanking for coming. We got a real kick outta that one. It was Baby Dear's first baseball game and she loved it! She kept pointing out the ball and the train (whoo whoo!) that was nearby.

Anyway, my point is this. Don't always be afraid to rock the boat. If you see something that is not right, stand up and say something. If you are treated unfairly, stand up and say something. Change can only happen if someone makes it happen. Just remember to do it in a positive and respectful manner.


~Crystal~ said...

I am the quiet one in my family when it comes to complaining and what not. My mom and my sister however, are professional complainers. It's good that they do it though, because just like you said, the only way to get things changed is by voicing your opinion.
I love your site by the way.

Kookaburra said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. "Professional complainers"... that is too funny!

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