Gotta Luv Bear Hugs

Baby Dear loves to give hugs. She mostly hugs Mommy and sometimes Daddy. But many times she also loves to hug her baby doll, her Ernie puppet, our 2 dogs, and her sippy cup. Most of all she hugs herself! She says "awww" when she gives her hugs and it's terribly cute.

Hugs are great and today I was even thinking of hugging my new favorite diapers, Luvs. Have you tried the new Luvs diapers? They now come with Bear Hug Stretch fit. (Isn't that a cute name for them?) They really do seem like they are giving a little hug when they stretch around.

We just tried the new Luvs over the past week and we love them! Previously we had been using the regular Luvs and Pampers Cruisers. We used to like Pampers the best because they seemed the most comfy for Baby Dear and they were the easiest to put on. They were just alittle pricey and we'd only buy them with a good sale and coupons.

Now that Luvs came out with almost identical stretchy tabs, we are completely sold on them. Those Bear Hug Stretch tabs are great for the ease of diapering a restless toddler and also make the fit that much better. And you wanna know what I love the bestest about these diapers? They are so much cheaper than Pampers and Huggies.... even when you factor in sales and coupons!

Anyway, I really recommend you try these out... you won't be disappointed. And for the best prices around, I would check out Diapers.com. They are almost always cheaper than any store around. Diapers.com makes it easy for you to see your savings. For each brand of diapers, they have a chart that breaks down the cost per diaper for each size. And you can even use manufacturer's coupons with them.

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