Coats, hats, gloves & coupon codes?

Are you ready for the cold weather? Do you have coats, boots, scarves, hats & gloves for you and your kids? Of course you do because you are smart and prepared. And you shopped the end of season clearance sales after last winter, right?

End of season sales may be the best time to scoop up fantastic deals, although it can be difficult to gage what size you or your children will be wearing an entire year from then. Oh and nevermind how difficult it can be to find the right colors and sizes you're looking for when you are picking through leftovers.

Anyway, if you need any of these outerwear items, now is the time to start looking. Right now, before cold weather hits, you will find the best selection in stores and online. And how about an outerwear sale and a coupon code to go with that fantastic selection?

Shop Alloy.com and take 20% off all your outerwear needs. Then use coupon code: AEPAFF for free shipping on your order of $25 or more! Note: They do charge a $1.95 handling fee, but hey, it's still a good deal. Sale and coupon code good until 10/29/07.