10 Easy Ways to Save Money

Here's a quick list of my 10 favorite ways to easily save money:

1. Use coupons and combine them with sales for groceries. Print Free Coupons here or at CoolSavings.

2. Shop a season in advance for clothing by hitting the end of season clearance sales.

3. Stockpile nonperishable foods, beauty items, paper products, etc. when they are on sale.

4. Find great deals on eBay!

5. Find even better deals (and no shipping fees) at yard sales and flea markets!

6. Never shop online without a coupon code.

7. Before throwing something out, see if you can reuse or repurpose it.

8. Shop less often! Every time you go into a store, you probably buy extra things you don't even need.

9. Switch your landline phone service over to Vonage.

10. Get organized. When you're organized, you won't lose track of bills and you will avoid late fees. Also, when you're organized you won't have to buy duplicates of things simply because you can't find the ones you already have.

1 comment:

Joe said...

I use Vonage and it is great. Saves me hundreds a year.