Vonage: Product Review

About a month ago I told you how I was switching my home phone service over to Vonage. I also promised you a review. Now I want to share with you how the process went and what I thought of their phone service, as compared to a traditional landline phone service. This is my honest opinion and no, I haven't been bought out to tell you this.

Hubby went online and signed up for the service in just a few minutes. They promised to send out the necessary equipment within a few days. We wanted to keep our old phone number and we were easily able to do that. We were told that we may get a temporary phone number once our equipment came and it was hooked up. This was to allow them time to acquire our old number.

Well it turned out that we didn't need to have a temporary number because they actually acquired our old number before we even got the Vonage equipment in the mail. We just happened to pick up our phone one day to hear only silence because we no longer had a connection (or a phone number) with Verizon, our old phone company.

So it left us without a phone for a day before the equipment came. We were disappointed with this part of the process, although it was only for a day and we do have 3 cell phones in our household (we just don't get good cell service in the house). I guess they just need to come up with a better timeline for switching the phone numbers or they need to atleast warn people that this might happen.

Anyway, the equipment came, hubby hooked it up in a few short minutes and all was well. The service has been great. No static. No disruptions (except those from my Baby Dear!). No noise. No problem.

Really, it has been an easy switch and you can't notice the difference at all... except that it's sooo much easier on the wallet. We've already saved ourselves about $25 just in one month's usage. We paid our first bill and it was a whopping $20.07 ($14.99/month plan + tax). After a year of having our Vonage phone service, we will have saved about $300! I wish we had done this a long time ago.

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Any other questions about how we like our Vonage phone service? Ask away in the comments section. Have this service or a similar service yourself? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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Sarah Forhan said...

We have Vonage also. It was an easy process for us to switch over and it saves a ton of money. Our phone sounds great no blips, no delays, no static.

Just a heads up on your Vonage account you can set it up so if the electricity goes out the calls can automatically be sent directly to your cell-phone until the power comes back on.