Quirky Quick Tip #19

Every Friday I am posting a Quirky Quick Tip. These will be random tips on a variety of topics... whatever seems to be bouncing around my head that day.

Tip #19
Have little ones in daycare or preschool? Remember to label everyone of their belongings that goes with them. This includes shoes, socks, lunch containers, sippy cups, extra diapers, blankets, etc. I used to work in daycare, so I know first hand how much the teachers appreciate this small gesture. It makes it so much easier to match up misplaced items to their rightful owners.

Check back for more Quirky Quick Tips on saving money, organizing, crafting, cleaning, and saving your sanity.

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TwicebabiesMom! said...

Hi! I could not find a place in your profile to send you and email. So, I wanted to know how you were able to add the codes for 5 Min Mom to your blogpage? I could not locate anywhere on their website.

Thanks, TwiceBabiesMom

Jocelyn said...

Great, informative site on money-saving tips! I'm new with blogging and as a stay-at-home mom, I am learning to be frugal and love finding good deals on just about anything!

Check out my blog too--we'll share other tips also such as making money online, etc.

Thanks, hipmama164